Get out the headphones.
Just an old tune I still love.
The singer is Bobby Kimball who is no longer with the band.
He sings his proverbial ‘nuts’ off.
Great song, really gay ass video though.
Have a bitchin’ weekend folks.
It’s going to be 80 degrees and sunny in Boston tomorrow.
Look for me on my back deck tomorrow night smoking a Cuban Montecristo #2  . . .

4 thoughts on “Toto

  1. Great song….makes me want to dance. You are right about the video, though. ha ha ha As a former optician, I noticed the eyeglasses first.
    Enjoy the cigar and the weekend!

    I used to have some frames almost as big.
    I think the shape was called a Prince (?) compliments of my then girlfriend, Pamela . . . ;)
    The cigar was fabulous!

  2. Just the thing for a Saturday afternoon, so I thank you, but you’re right…totally gay video…..not that there’s anything wrong with that!
    That drummer looks like he could have some good stuff to share doesn’t he???
    And I thank you for the correct terminology in relation to your smoking habits…my poor monitor can’t handle much more

    Google “Jeff Porcaro”.
    No doubt he had some good stuff.
    Incredible drummer that died way too soon.
    The video?
    Sheesh, 15 years ago it was great.
    I must be getting old or something.

  3. Ah, the Rosanna and Africa boys. Loved those songs. I don’t remember this one specifically but it has that catchy Toto lilt.

    They did write some great stuff.
    Check out “Rosanna Shuffle”
    Pretty cool video of Jeff Porcaro explaining the drumming on the song of the same title.

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