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I’m Thinking

*Am I the only one that finds it mildly ironic that Ted “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy
gave the Obama’s a Portuguese Water Dog?
Kennedy supposedly owns three.
Where were they when he needed them?

*Here in the US of A we give free needles to junkies and
charge diabetes patients up the wazoo for the same damn needles.
Someone pinch me.
I must be dreaming.

*In Massachusetts, I saw a headline today that read –
Study: Tobacco funds not curbing smoking

Turns out that only $13.5 million of the annual $700 million the Baystate receives
was used for smoking cessation programs.
Well, yank my doodle, it’s a dandy.
You gotta be kidding me.
Where’s Nancy ‘MadDog’ Lugosi?

I mean Pelosi.
She’s gotta have a hand in this somehow.
What an ugly woman, inside and out.
And those choppers . . .
Nancy needs to be promoted to ‘Subterranean Truffle Inspector’ tomorrow.

*The groundbreaking and intellectually provocative Hannah Montana movie hit theaters over the Easter weekend grossing over 34 million dollars.
For your entertainment ‘bang for the buck’ wouldn’t staying home watching the grass grow be a bit more stimulating?
It’s probably me . . .

*Tiger Woods lost in the final round of the Masters yesterday due to a pair of late bogies.
Why does this not make me feel bad?
I must be a rotten human being.

*And lastly, I thought Gmail’s *new feature ‘Auto-Pilot’ sounded really cool.
But it was only available on April Fool’s Day. {sigh}

Just my mind at play folks . . .


  1. It scares the bejesus out of me when you start thinking…lord only knows what you’re gonna come out with!
    “I was thinking Moe…….” is generally followed by “Now if only we could……”

    Kidding ~m…kidding!

    No idea where this came from actually.
    Just grey matter fodder . . .
    And me wondering what the fuck the government is actually doing with my money.

  2. Damn, you think good! (But I really didn’t need to see that picture while sipping my morning coffee. One more stunt like that and I’ll need a new laptop.) My eyes, my eyes!!!

    Are you talking about Lugosi?
    Yeah, that’s scarier than an ugly baby picture.
    The woman is evil.
    An a self righteous bloated liberal putz. Ick.
    Put her on a boat with Kennedy and send them sailing towards Somalia.

  3. My heavens…you had a busy thought process yesterday. I don’t think you have left to much to chance…

    I giggled my way right on threw most of it…but the Hannah Montana thing really did it for me. I had to go to the theater this weekend…but thank all I didn’t have to see this flick!

    Lucked out, eh?
    Goodo for you . . .

  4. Two phrases that should never be used in the same sentence. Nancy Pelosi and blowjob.

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

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