Apr 16th

This is the latest web/ YouTube sensation called Miranda.
Is she a Dancing Queen?
A singing sensation?
Maybe not on this planet.
Either way, she rocks my world.
I gotta talk to her about how she applies her lipstick though.
Maybe she needs to be in one of those Little Caesar pizza commercials . . .

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  • PiedType says:

    Okay. I suppose you could say she rocks my world too, but in a really bad nauseating, carsick kind of way. I think I’ll go back over to my place and give Susan Boyle another whirl.

    Yeah, Miranda needs some serious musical help.
    Don’t think she’s too worried though . . .

  • Poetikat says:

    Right. So we watched this together (Kev and I) and it is our consensus that this is a JOKE!
    OMG! Those lips! Are they wax? They remind me of Mr. Potato Head!
    Triple Sensation !!! Ha ha ha. The costume, the choreography, the intro (with asides to cameraperson) and the dancing, no…the singing!

    This can’t be real. Can it? (If it isn’t, she’s a great comedian.) Love the stuffed toys on the floor too.


    Being a musician and a singer, how in God’s name can this be real?
    God would be supremely irritated.
    I think.
    Love the lipstick though, huh?
    Talk about ‘Kiver lips’

  • Lynn says:

    Gotta love the video (in a ‘I love root canals’ kind of way)!
    Maybe this girl should do some laundry or at least get the basket out of her video. OMG, it’s almost too bizarre to even say it’s funny.

    Thanks for the laugh, Lynn.
    ‘In a root canals’ kind of way’ slayed me.
    Phucking phunny.

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