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Crazy Fruit

Gotta love a big banana.
You ladies do, right?
Hey, he’s got appeal.
Good and innocent carbs, low fat too.
But I gotta say that is one sick goddamn banana  . . .

{tanks, Gerry . . . 00Ps!}


  1. Oh yeah, he was waiting for just the right time to peel up that lower half! Cuz the other too were caught off guard! LOL! What? He just wanted to make a little strawberry banana smoothie!

    Uh-huh . . .

  2. If the banana is peeled, then I’m there.
    Nothing like a banana smoothie to start the day!

    Nothing like a banana. Period.

  3. Like I didn’t have enough problems with bananas as it was! Hee hee.
    I’ll never see one the same again ;) LOL!!!

    Me, as well. ;)
    Thanks for the visit, K

  4. ha! ha! ha! ha! Great faces on the fruit! Funny, I actually thought I sent this one to you…but these jokes all seem to go around at the same time, don’t they? Gerry and I must have got the same email at the same time. :-) Happy Warm Weekend!

    I do think you sent this to me as well.
    When I first posted it I said, “Thanks, Lynn” in the post
    but after going through my emaul I saw that Gerry sent it too.
    A senior moment?
    God help me. :lol:

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