• perhaps they ran out of time?


    that was all the letters that would fit?

    Should we make it that complicated?

  • Sounds like they’re full of shit to me

    Amen, my dear.

  • Hey there,
    just a short note to say Hi and send some sunshine your way.
    Thank you for your latest comments. Really. Truly.

    Welcome, Suz.
    Keep blogging, okay?

  • Might be full of fun…

    Might be full of people that have no idea how to spell temporarily . . .

  • Michael – Kev and I are always on top of these things. I love that one guest error, but the “temporally” is classic! The best part is the “monthly” though, since it’s only ONE occupant. How do they stay afloat?

    It’s rather like when they announce from the pulpit that it’s refreshment Sunday and we’re invited to join everyone downstairs for a “Cup of Coffee”. I imagine this enormous styrofoam cup where we all line up to take turns.


    Everyone, grab a straw!
    Like the comment.

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