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Quiet Place

Our Mom would have been 81 today.
It was on my mind from the minute I got up today.
For her wake, I made a CD with a slew of tunes that I thought she would like.
This was one of them.
Unfortunately, the audio quality on this is real sub par for Take Six.
Get out the headphones.
It helps.
Whoever was mixing them that night needed to boost the ‘soprano’ vocal.  Helllllooooo?
That said, my mother would have loved these guys.
Happy Birthday, Mom.
Maureen and I miss you every single day.
Dad will be there when he’s ready or until you at least yell, “Wally! Get here! I’m lonely!”
Hope they have YouTube up there in heaven.
Miss you and love you every single day.
Dad does, too . . .

There is a quiet place
Far from the rapid pace
Where God can soothe my troubled mind

Sheltered by tree and flower
There in my quiet hour
With Him my cares are left behind

Whether a garden small
Or on a mountain tall

New strength and courage there I find
Then from this quiet place
I go prepared to face
A new day with love for all mankind


  1. Happy birthday to your beloved Mum ~m…I knew it was today so you’ve been on my mind for most of it…
    Great song BTW…and a lovely little post…
    {{{hugs}}} for you, Maureen and your Dad…

    Thanks for the hugs . . .
    Difficult day in a very different kind of way.
    You understand, I’m sure.

  2. Smooth song. I like the words too. Do you play “your Mom’s” music for your Dad, too? It could be soothing to him.

    Actually, I don’t.
    My father was never ‘into’ the music thing like my Mom.
    I do sing to him now and then and I think he likes it but it’s so damn hard to tell.
    If my Mom was still here, I think she could get through.
    Possibly . . .

  3. Wow, Michael! Your words are so beautiful! Today would have been my Dad’s 80th birthday. Imagine! The poem is so touching….I can relate, more than you know.
    Thinking of you, Maureen and your Dad.
    Peace be in your heart!

    Thanks, Lynn.
    You are a kind soul.

  4. Beautiful song. Happy Birthday to your Mom.
    (((Hugs))) For you.

    {{{hugs}}} back.
    Thanks so much, Mrs.V

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