10 thoughts on “Fat Chicks

  1. That was hilarious! I had never heard of her before..she’s great! And Simon’s reaction was hysterical. Started my day off just right.. thanks for sharing!

    Loved her too.
    Glad you got a chuckle.

  2. She is hysterical!
    Reminds me of my cousin who grew up in New Jersey.
    She’s in Florida now but the accent is still there.
    That was funny!

    New Joisy?
    I love me some New Joisy . . .
    Just hate driving though it.

  3. Yep, made me laugh!

    Hey, I started reading The Hour I First Believed and why hadn’t you told me there was a Lolly in it? Of course she’s old and is probably dying; but, we take what we can get. ; ) Good book so far.

    I love that you started reading the Wally Lamb book.
    Was it because of my post?
    Oh, I’m hoping it was . . .
    I should have said something about Lolly.
    I’m almost done with the book, btw

  4. Listened to this while you’re on the phone to Mark.
    OMFG!!! I’m surprised you didn’t hear me…..I near wet myself!!
    Great find! Might go see if I can find some more of this woman!

    I didn’t hear you.
    Probably because I was laughing so hard while I was talking to Mark.
    Go figger . . .

  5. She is a riot! I hope you are doing better since your fall on the ice! I was sorry to see/hear that.

    Getting there, Teeni, getting there . . .

  6. she does roasts now… comedy central, maybe? absolutely hysterical!

    as a ‘fat chick’ who swears like a sailor? i get a lot of my every day material from her! like the old standard – inside me there’s a skinny woman dying to get out. i ate her…

    you ate her or you hate her?

  7. It was partly because of your post. I had read She’s Come Undone a year or so ago – because I knew you liked him. Then I was listening to the public radio station during their membership drive and they were interviewing him. So I called in and gave them some money and took his book as my “thank-you gift.” It’s going to take me awhile to read it. Beside it being HUGE, I’m doing a lot of knitting these days. But I’ll read a little right before falling asleep each night. Not that it’s boring…I’m actually staying up too late. And I keep thinking, if I read too much more, it’s going to get so good I’m not going to want to put it down.

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