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No DSL, No Cry

DSL went out today.
I got home from work and spent 2+ hours on the phone with a very cool Verizon rep
(I owe u a brewski, dude)
before connectivity was finally restored.
Must have been something I did  (yeah, right)
Planned on getting some blog stuff done tonight but . . .
I’m connected and my daughters are happy.
When the daughters are happy, I’m happy.
I’m going to bed now.
A curled up ethernet cable looks oddly enough like a grey turd, don’t it?


  1. What have you been eating?

    Not enough fiber, obviously 😉

  2. ether turd. i like that. all poetic and shit…

    . . . all poetic and shit.

  3. It’s not as bad as the statue of a snake that graces my downtown park. Now, that looks like a turd, especially because it’s brown. Hope things are going well for you and yours.

    Statue of Poo, huh?
    Ooooh . . .

  4. That’s unusual…normally the turds are at the end of the phone when you ring the provider

    Ain’t it the bloody truth? Wisearse . . .

  5. must have been that kind of day- I went home and did battle with Comcast- the unbundled our service and raised our rates.

    We Must have our access- else there will be bad mojo all around!

    bad mojo? Damn, I know what that’s all about! :mrgreen:

  6. *sigh* must be nice to have DSL.
    And yeah, a turd. You even managed to get it pull-tied. How fancy.

    If you can ever get it, just do it, Red.
    It’s not that much more than dial-up where I live.
    Check in to it and make the blogging thing more simple.
    I have the slowest DSL and it’s still pretty fast.
    Nice to see you stopping by.
    Be well,

  7. And I just thought it looked like a snake. Lack of imagination on my part. :)

    Take off your glasses and it may look more like what I described.

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