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Saw this MEME at Moe’s and decided to throw my hat in the ring.
A few things about me;

1. Were you named after anyone? My father’s father: Michael
2. When was the last time you cried? Early December
3. What is your favourite lunch meat? Capicola (spicy ham)
4. Do you have kids? 3 girls that I am crazy in love with.
5. If you were another person would you be friends with you? Absolutely. I’m a great friend.
6. Do you use sarcasm a lot? All depends on who you ask.
7. Do you still have your tonsils? Yup, a few other body parts, too
8. Would you bungee jump? Nope. My lower back is already a whacky freeway of devastated nerves.
9. What is your favourite cereal? When I eat it, oatmeal. Not the microwave crap, the real deal
10. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Not always
11. Do you think you are strong?  Physically? Not so much, mentally? I’m a giant.
12. What is your favourite ice cream? Frozen Pudding (just like my twin sister Moe)
13. What is the first thing you notice about people? Their voice . . . then the eyes
14. Red or pink? Red
15. What is the least favourite thing about yourself? My teeth. They look fine but they really suck.
16. Who do you miss the most? My mom and dad. Mom died in 2005 and my dad hasn’t spoken a word in years. Alzheimers robs a family of everything.
17. What colour shoes are you wearing? Tan Eddie Bauer slippers
18. What was the last thing you ate? A cheeseburger
19. What are you listening to right now? Hannah talking.
20. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? Royal purple
21. Favourite smells? A fine cigar, Obsession (women’s cologne), pine, lavender, fresh basil and puppies
22. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? Pamela
23. Favourite sports to watch? Football and college basketball
24. Hair colour? what colour? I’m bald.
25. Eye colour? chocolate brown
26. Do you wear contacts? Used to. Not now.
27. Favourite food? Anything hot and spicy, anything that swims, mushrooms, prosciutto and good provolone
28. Scary movies or happy endings? Scary movies with really sad endings
29. Last movie you watched? The Dark Knight
30. What colour shirt are you wearing? a grey long sleeve t-shirt
31. Summer or winter? Absolutely Summer
32. Hugs or kisses? Both in total excess
33. Favourite desserts? Chocolate Mousse
34. I’m most likely to..
.   puff a cigar before I go to bed
35. I’m least likely to...   win the lottery tomorrow
36.What book are you reading now? The hour I first believed (Wally Lamb) / Problogger
37. What is on your mouse pad? Staples
38. What did you watch on television last night? No TV
39.Favourite sounds? My Taylor guitar (that I hardly ever play), a Steinway piano, my wife and daughters laughing, my new 8GB Nano, the purr of my 3 cats
40. Rolling Stones or The Beatles? Beatles. Great songs that will live forever.
41. What is the furtherest you’ve been from home? Honduras
42. Do you have a special talent?   Juggling. I suck but I can juggle. And I can play a song in two different keys at the same time. Yeah, freaky in a ‘Victor Borge’ kind of way
43. Where were you born? Worcester, Massachusetts

Feel free to ‘steal’ this one.
An obvious cheat post but what the hell.


  1. Made me smile… great Meme! You have an interesting view on things… kind of original… in a good way of course! Thanks for sharing

    As always, an original comment.
    Thanks, Enreal.

  2. Dude, I had no idea you could juggle. That is freakin’ awesome.

    Also I have commented on this meme before that not only would I be friends with myself, I am the only dude that I would ever consider going gay for.

    Let’s see how you look in a Speedo first.

  3. Not a lot of surprises here I have to fact it becomes obvious why we get along so well…
    But I do have to say, at some point in time you must have had hair, so you could have told us that at least..sheesh!
    So you think you can juggle huh?? Let’s see how that goes after half a dozen pints of Guinness shall we??

    I’ll juggle some Guinness (not!)
    I will try to find some pictures of me with a pony-tail.
    It would blow your mind.
    I had so much damn hair, it was ridiculous.
    Oh, dear, summer is coming fast.

  4. Love the new site. Very cool. Juggling, heh? Now there’s something you don’t see every day. Happy New Year. Kim

    I gotta up my game on the juggling thing.
    It’s been years.
    When I first learned, I rocked.
    Not so much now.
    No chainsaws for moi . . .

  5. Happy to see that the Taylor guitar tone is one of your favorite sounds. You should play it more often. What model do you have by the way? Send me an email when you get a chance.

    I will be playing it more often in preparation for a few personal performances this summer.
    Thanks for the comment, Taylordude
    Love Taylor guitars!

  6. Puppies? As in like puppy breath .. ? or puppy poo?
    both are gross.
    I love that you’re a giant.

    Puppies have a smell.
    They should make an air freshener with the exact scent.
    It’s innocence, I think.

  7. Now I know more about you-you. 😉

    Beatles, provolone, chocolate mousse… you have impeccable tastes ~m. :)

    Lord knows I try, MrsV . . .

  8. Oh, dear, summer is coming fast
    this is a good thing michael..
    don’t sound so worried!!

    Do I sound worried?

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