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It all began back in 1986 when I was living the life of a ‘musical’ Riley.
That, however, is a post for another day.
I used to write songs for my wife as unique Christmas presents.
After sending a few of them on to a dear friend, she suggested (ever so gently) that I make an attempt to sell my wares.
Clearance from my wife and a link to PayPal has opened up a channel of commerce, so to speak.
The CD is a compilation of ten songs written and recorded exclusively by me.
Accompanying each CD will be liner notes for each song, with my personal thoughts and wishes for each.
CD’s will be ready to ship immediately.
10 tunes, pure Christmas, pure me.
There’s also an added bonus track this year, an instrumental called ‘Waltz for Mel’ written for another dear friend for the wedding of her daughter.
I guess you could do worse and order a Britney Spears Christmas CD.
Click on the street musician below or the Santa hat in my sidebar.
Feel free to pass the link on to someone you know that likes sappy original compositions.
Actually, the songs are quite nice, imho.
If you’re interested but want to hear something first, let me know.
I have a tune ready to be sent via email.
If you have Itunes installed, even better.



  1. and another small piece of the enigma we all know as “~m” falls into place….
    i’ll go and have a look…i’m looking forward to it :-)

    I really like this comment.
    It makes me feel kinda like Agent 007…

  2. Ok, I’d love one, do we get a preview of the songs? Or titles? Or something?! You won’t think me some crazed internet stalker if I buy one of these will you :)

    Already taken care of…

  3. Purchase has been made. I can’t wait for it to arrive :)

    Thanks, Kell!

  4. Don’t you just love the digital age? Best of luck in your endeavor. I may have to pass and purchase the Brittany CD, she goes out without underwear πŸ˜‰

    I downloaded one of her pics and I think my ‘puter picked up an STD…

  5. No way-I will stop by to get my copy and pay with cash!
    I’ll bring a 20, you keep the change.
    Let’s hook-up!

  6. Sappy? Sold! Can’t wait to hear it!

    I thank you very much, Kelly2.
    Copies should be on their way very soon.

  7. Oh this is going on my shopping list for sure. I can’t wait!

    Hurry up, they’re goin’ fast! 😎

  8. You sent me one of your songs a while ago. It was beautiful and I would be willing to bet I bawled over it. Good for you for compiling and selling!!!

    If you need to cry some more Carn, you could always order a copy.
    Beats watching General Hospital… πŸ˜‰

  9. Oh Michael, I am so glad you are finally doing this. Your music is so wonderful it needs to be heard.

    Thank you so much, Sarah.
    By the way, I really loved your story David’s Angel.
    It reminded me of someone I know quite well.

  10. Micheal, please send me a sample if you don’t mind. I’d love to hear it, although Sarah’s got me pretty much sold already :-) .

    On its way, SP. . .

  11. thanks for pimping my story. glad you liked it.

    No thanks needed for the pimp.
    It was wonderful.

  12. ok well i guess i want to hear a sample too then
    you got my email address with my comment, no?


  13. I’ll chime in here and ask for a sample as well, although, I’m pretty sure I have my mind made up already. :)


  14. Well I can tell you where your first order is coming from this year!
    Yes Moe!!!???
    And no, I don’t need a sample…I already have one…in fact, I have the original!

  15. If I weren’t at home, broke and unemployed, I’d be on the list of ‘excitedly waiting by the mailbox for your cd’ folks, but it’s just not in the stars for me. Perhaps next year. I love Christmas music. What a cool thing to share with the world. Your own music. Very cool. Very cool indeed. πŸ˜€

    Tanks, Pete.
    Check your email.

  16. I’m not sure that I can take your music πŸ˜‰

    Have you ever heard me?

  17. Being one of those who own this great CD, I will say that it is well worth the cost.

    The man has some pipes! And shows that his ability with words came long before this blog.

    How do I love thee Grimm?
    You are a true bud and a great promoter.
    Thanks, man.
    Still waiting for those chocolate buckeyes (?) the wife was going to send though.
    I went into insulin shock just looking at them.
    Thanks for the positive review.
    I appreciate it greatly.

  18. I agree with Grimm. Since I already have two of these – one for the house, one for the car – I’m now waiting for the new stuff. ; ) {hint, hint}

    You are a wonderful fan.
    I truly appreciate it.
    New stuff may happen after the new year.
    We’ll see . . .

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