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Cat Murder

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

Yeah, the furry bastards are plotting to kill me.
I see it daily.
No idea when my untimely demise will be but yeah, they’re plotting something.
I can see it in their eyes.
Could be soon . . .ย  just don’t know
The irony is that I love my three cats.
But one has gone over to the dark side . . .


  1. Hmm. Sounds a lot like my Meez. LOL. But I have cats and I know how they can be. Sleep with one eye open, okay? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    With a cat sitting/sleeping on my face I only have one usable eye anyway.

  2. I say get to them first.

    You may have something there.
    In all matters of ‘pussy’, I defer to you anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. You think you’ve got problems? My test showed an 87% chance!

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.
    They may pounce tonight!

  4. I dont have one so no

    No worries, then . . .

  5. ah, gee, it happens to the best of us.

    A couple of months ago, my new puppy, who is now a year old, decided she’d keep us. :)

    Funny how dogs do that, huh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Death by pussy? I would have thought that was right up your alley….

    I was just waiting for the ‘pussy’ comment.
    Thought Evyl would have beaten you to it.
    Yeah, death by pussy . . . is there any other way?

  7. Great, I scored 93% — I could have used them before I got through todays work. Maybe they are in cahoots with my boss.

    I’m afraid to take any of the other quizzes now.

    They’re in cahoots with everyone but their owner . . .

  8. Man, try meeting up with 20 sets of those feline beedy little eyes when you are late with dinner.

    You get afraid. Very afraid.

    Kinda strange how they look at you, huh?
    I know the exact look, too.

  9. Have two…and the one you expect to be the evil little bastard is actually the innocent one.

    Cats…They plot more than just your death, they plot your agonizing torturous, painful death.

    Bastids . . .

  10. Poeticat sent me over here to take the cat quiz – the thing is, I don’t have a cat so I took the “How long would it take a T-Rex to digest your body” quiz instead – 13 hours for me.

    Sounds like an awesome quiz.
    I’m thinking my time would be double. :o(
    Thanks for the visit, MS

  11. I have two words that keep me safe from evil kitty. Doberman and Rottweiler.

    Two words but how many teeth? :mrgreen:

  12. hmmm. is there such a thing as ‘death by testicular tennis’?
    my darling diablo has made a resolution – DO NOT SLEEP NEKKID UNTIL THE CAT LEAVES HOME!!!

    after the traumatic loss of one of the feline rulers – i resolved not to get another kitten – until the gothling brought the latest wee grey scrap of ferocious hilarity home in a plastic bucket.

    pffft. so much for the resolutions… maybe i can get my diablo to disrobe at bedtime after all. going to try very hard anyway.

    Get a Bengal.
    Amazing cats, simply amazing.
    We love ours. So different than a regular Tabby.

  13. I’ve always felt that cats know something we don’t. Therefore, they scare the hell out of me. I think Stephen King had something to do with that somewhere along the line.
    Hope you’re well.

    King definitely injected the species with some serious kinda funk. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’ve met the man and yeah, he could spook a room full of cats.

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