Propaganda, wasteful debates, meaningless answers to the
ad nauseum questions that never got truthfully answered
and now we have to vote?
On what?
Jesus Krispies, I’m really confused on this one.
Time for a write-in?
How about Elvis?
Hmmm . . .

10 thoughts on “Vote

  1. Hey, thought you went off to write a book?

    I’m writing babe, no worries, you just don’t see it here.
    See you Sat night, bud.

  2. Hey, on the negative side you may be confused because they are both not what you want.
    But on the bright side, if one’s not any worse than the other, that may mean that you can’t really go wrong, maybe they both turn out to be decent. At least compared to Bush.
    Either way, it looks like the US is writing History and you are part of it.
    Happy Voting.

  3. Well, it’s over. The Republicans got what they deserved. It’s too McCain’s credit that he kept it as close as he did.


    he can go back to making potato chips . . .

  4. i like the “environmentaly freindly” touch
    and you are correct
    all this election has displayed is Obama is an acute politician.
    is that a good thing?

    Acute is a perfect definition, Oz.
    I would expect no less from you . . .

  5. Yes, Elvis. All the way. We could use that digital thing and reproduce him so he could give his inaugural address in January. And then he could sing. Maybe ‘Suspicious Minds’. Wouldn’t that be fitting?

    Take care.

    Suspicious minds would rule . . .
    Awesome call.

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