911 Writers Block

An emergency service brought to you by me.
Stuck in your writing?
Of course you are.
Then again, aren’t we all?
Found this site and thought that it didn’t hold much promise for me.
I was wrong.
If your writing is as stale as a 7 day-old loaf of bread, click the picture above.
Problem solved. Kinda.

7 thoughts on “911 Writers Block

  1. Most of my writing should be blocked.

    You? Nah, you are the voice of a generation, my friend.
    Not sure if that generation exists as of yet but let’s not quibble over the details . . .

  2. LOL. Good find! I hardly ever have writer’s block. I could write about wind. Specifically, how long WINDED I can be. ;)

    Sounds like Teeni found a great post to write.

  3. M-I got the biggest kick out of this. I’m going to have to come back to it because I, too, want to try it. But I wanted to let you know the laugh it gave me. And as you know, it’s extremely good for writers to laugh at themselves from time to time.
    Here’s looking at you….

    I got a kick out of it as well, especially the recorded voice when you click on the website.
    Hey, I bookmarked it and plan on using it even though I don’t write fiction.

  4. Dude, I am soooo in need of this. It was either this or writing about how I am wishing I can somehow harness the power of cat poop into a electrical utility.

    The power of cat poop is something for the rocket scientists to
    figure out, IMHO

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