Bailout, Joker-style

700 big ones?
What the hell is going on here?
Maybe I REALLY don’t want to know.
So much crap I will never understand
Maybe the j0KER does . . .
I can’t even wrap my head around a number like a billion.
But 700?

8 thoughts on “Bailout, Joker-style

  1. I know. I couldn’t believe it when they passed that, either. It’s sickening what those greedy bastards got away with. Now, I must stick my head back into the sand.

    I’m thinking with all the ‘brown’ pants on Wall Street these days, they should have a slogan:
    “Wall Street. Come smell the excitement!”

  2. I think that’s exactly the problem. Too many people don’t understand what is going on and what things mean. Which may be ok for the general public, but what’s their option? To trust their politicians, to trust whatever newspaper they read?
    All I know that spending a number that is so big I can’t even clearly imagine it, scares me big time. Especially when it requires being paid back again.

    We are not privy to all that happens behind the scenes but wouldn’t you think someone would have
    mentioned something somewhere around 350 billion?
    Jesus Krispies.
    Hey, what the hell is a taxpayer for?
    Congress should all start wearing masks.

  3. Grrr – I just knew that rat bastid thing would end up passing. It seems whenever the people in the high up positions don’t get their way, bills just get revised and resent over and over until they DO get their way. I feel royally screwed. Well, not by royalty, but you know what I mean. And it is VERY scary.

    the taxpayer will take it up the poopshoot (again) while the people that fucked it up walk away to go buy a small tropical island. It doesn’t make any sense and here we are STILL trusting these GD bastards.
    It’s bullshit. Land of the free and home of all the bullshit you can print.
    Unbelievable. No, it’s truly believable.

  4. I think it helps me to understand how many people there are in this world. When the 700$ billion is only $2000 per person – that’s a helluva lot of people.

    But why do the masses have to make up for the 500+ assholes in the US congress that don’t have a clue about the common man?
    They really don’t get it.
    Cripes . . .

  5. stupid phucks. i cannot bear to even watch him, blithering idiot, reading from cue cards. too bad HE weren’t invisible…

    still can’t wrap my head around why some of the greatest leaders of our times have been asassinated, and no one has taken a crack at this monkey-boy.

    BTW, saw “the dark knight” with my son last week, what a phenomenal waste of time {2 hours, 39 minutes and 16 seconds, NOT that i was counting!} and money THAT was! each and every tedious speech/stunt/confrontation/explosion was so over the top and SOOOOO overdone; the only redeeming gem i could uncover was michael caine as alfred. the rest was some jacked-up, overrated, humongous-budgeted hollywood bullshit on the bottom of my shoe, IMHO…

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