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My daughter Sarah came by the house a week or so ago and decided to
lounge around on the couch and do some work for school.
Methinks she needed a break from the campus crowd.
At one point she got up to go into the bathroom and I heard her start laughing.
Holding my precious bottle of Headlube, she looked at me and said, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“What?” I said.

“Headlube? Come on, Dad. It comes in a friggin’ water bottle for God’s sake!” (she’s still laughing)

“So what,” I said, “It’s usually 8 bucks and I got it for 2.50. It’s just moisturizer and besides it’s my head.”

“See you got the ‘matte’ finish. Nice.” she said.

Yeah, I’m all about the silky smooth but understated cueball noggin’ I guess.
Hmmm . . .
Can’t wait to see how long it will take for the comments to plummet this post to rock bottom.
Yeah, I got it coming with a product that sports that kind of name.
As it says on the bottle, “It’s your head. Buy this lube.”
So, I did and I might add that some days my glabrescent dome is a blessed work of art.
IMHO . . .


  1. Why not just a tube of KY Jelly to lube up that head πŸ˜‰

    You sick fuck.

  2. Head Lube? I’m not even going to touch that one. Too easy.

    I figured.
    Open game on that one, eh?

  3. Okay, I’m exhausted, and yet this post made my brain go straight to gutters-ville. But I’ll resist the urge to say something crude that I might regret in the morning. πŸ˜‰

    How can you not go to Gutters-ville?
    Move over, I need a seat.

  4. O.M.F.G! Mind, get thyself out of the damned sewer!!!!

    Ah, just go to the sewer
    It’s stinky fun . . .

  5. Everything I’m typing just sounds dirty. I tried my best.

    I like the yellow bottle. There thats not in the gutter at all.

    You are such a nice girl.

  6. Okay I’m going to let one fly: you and Evyl can put your domes together and make a full moon out of yourselves πŸ˜‰


  7. Are you sure you’re not the ‘humble and lovable shoeshine boy’?

    Watch for an email, Shoeshine Boy . . .

  8. *ha ah ha …snort*
    I googled it and you are like the 4th or 5th search result. I bet you will have some fun with your search results now!

    P.S. Just do what makes ya feel good! even if it does look like a water bottle.

    So nice to hear from you girl!
    I’ll be by over the next day or two.
    Yeah, Google loves me. πŸ˜†

  9. This is for real? ROFL!

    Put it on my naked head this morning.

  10. HEADLUBE, huh? Well, if that’s the reason you can write like you do, would you pass me the bottle?

    But then you’d have to shave your head.
    You still want some?
    Nice to hear from you again, Linda.
    I’ll be stopping by tonight . . .

  11. umm . .we need pics of said sexy noggin.

    lube is usually a no-no in my book, but when it comes to a bald noggin, bring it on!

    I’ll have to talk to my wife and have her click a few right after I shave.
    I’ll see what I can do . . .

  12. Oh, and loved the ‘Ku !

    And the ‘Ku was a last minute add-on.
    I liked it, too.
    Tanks, Red

  13. Gee you know a guy for 25+ years and think you know him. First the cross dressing then the head lube, now dance recitales. I suppose you wore a tu-tu is that what you going to tell me next ?

    Only wear tu-tu’s on my day off . . .

  14. PMSL. I’m not really sure what to say so not going to say anything. Just bite my tongue. Unusual I know :)

    Alright. What the hell is PMSL?
    It must be too early for my brain to be working.
    Plus I didn’t use my headlube this morning.
    Maybe that’s it.
    Thanks, Gem

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