When you are a soldier

Posting this tonight for all the courageous men and women in Iraq and the world over.
Know that we pray for all of you and hope for your safe return.
I heard this song many years ago and it moved me to tears.
I’ve since found it to be a comforting song to listen to in times of need.
Sometimes I just want people to know about songs like this.
Tonight is one of those times.
I send this out to my niece Cait (I miss you dearly, kiddo)
and all those missing someone dear that is currently serving abroad.
Come home soon guys.
This song is by Steven Curtis Chapman.

*listen with headphones!

5 thoughts on “When you are a soldier

  1. A very touching song – this one definitely also qualifies for that tear-jerker song meme that was going around. Anyway, the music, vocals, lyrics, and sentiment all through the song are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing this one.

    I saw Chapman do this one night on one of those crazy evangelistic TV channels and it blew me away.
    He did it solo playing a grand piano.
    A moving experience to say the very least.

  2. Very nice! Shannon introduced me to Steven Curtis Chapman’s music when she was in high school. I hadn’t heard it in a while. Thanks for sharing.

    I’m all about the sharing, L

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