Slice to 0pen, staple to close
the mar00n red smear of a greasepaint smile, a calling card in cumulonimbus,
pregnant with dark water

Black crack, skies 0pen
0pen eyes close
an inc0mprehensible and maniacal palette of colour; in whites, greens, blacks and reds
a primary psych0tic mind in full fundamental whack
as the world begins to hem0rrhage innuend0

No way 0ut, dead end streets
rain falls like shattering glass
n0thing makes sense in this n0nsensical w0rld
c0nfusing time with the present, time with the past

Tomorr0w draws its shades, a sullen and squalid twist
his brain cells turning to a darkened shade of 0chre
Slice to 0pen, staple to cl0se
to the NetherWorld goes the J0ker . . .

8 thoughts on “J0ker

  1. Using the zero (or is it just a capitalized O) for the lowercase “O” added to the darkness of this one. *shivers*

    It was a zero. For some strange reason it resonated with me.
    This was a strange post for me.
    I thought with the “Dark Knight” coming out this weekend that it was fitting.

  2. I think you would like this blog:


    Black crack, skies 0pen

    That was my world yesterday. Today the blue is back.

    Dolce, I will first of all thank you for the comment. This thing was dark.
    Secondly, thanks for sending me over to OnionGirl.
    Wonderful stuff and already blogrolled (as are you) :0)
    Thanks again.
    And glad the blue is back . . .

  3. a calling card in cumulonimbus, pregnant with dark water.

    that’s such a perfectly loaded line – it’s very nearly a poem in its own right – a suspended haiku..

    i definitely owe delicious dolce for the ‘hook-up’ – thanks for the visit over at my place. howdyado; enchante; hail and well met… all that sorta thing!

    morti (a.k.a. the oniongirl)

    And welcome to you as well. So glad you stopped by.
    I was hoping someone would comment on the ‘cumulonimbus’ line
    It was one of my favorites.
    Thanks again for stopping by.
    Don’t be a stranger.

  4. I like this much better since hearing no less than 3 reviews today of the new movie. I hear it’s very dark, threatening, and scary. A most appropriate poem!

    There’s just been so much talk about Ledger that this one penned itself.
    Can’t wait to see the movie.

  5. Terrific imagery… your use of words is wide and poignant… each seems placed in perfection. Great work

    This was a strange one for me but I really liked writing it.
    As I said in another comment, there’s been so much talk to Ledger lately
    that it stuck in my craw.
    Thanks for reading.

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