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I’ve been busy updating my “pages” and doing some sorely needed blog maintenance.
The Ghosts and Poetry pages have been updated.
I’ve also posted a short story I wrote 6 years ago.
Just click on one of the corresponding tabs above to get there.
Thanks to Moe for all her help and guidance when I was absolutely freaking out.
She is a dear friend and a most awesome blogger.
If you haven’t visited her yet (or blogrolled her) you are really missing out.
Got some stuff planned in a few days.
Please stop back.
In the meantime, please browse my “pages”.
Soon . . .


  1. Alright I will :) I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful comment about me on Moes site :)

    You are very welcome, kiddo.
    Thanks for visiting.

  2. You are far too kind Michael…and don’t feel too bad, I thought I was going nuts there for a while too!
    So long as all is working as it should be, I’m a happy girl. Off to check the updated pages now….

    Not kind, just fair.
    You’ve helped save my sanity 😉
    What’s left of it, anyway . . .

  3. Thanks for putting the poetry page back up. Missed that one. Will have to review the ghost one more….

    And thanks to MOE for all the help. :-) We all appreciate it.


    Blog maintenance made it disappear.
    It’s back up and not going anywhere.
    Thanks, S

  4. aaaaarrrgggghhh. You’ve reminded me I have some maintenance of my own to do. Tomorrow….

    It sneaks up on ya, doesn’t it?

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