Smoke and Mirrors

In a perfect world . . .

Cayenne Sun

Scotch bonnet sunset

Cayenne-red skin screams for ice

air-conditioned bliss kiss


  1. Awesome as always. I am back – and I’m not stinky.

    Well not all of the time…

    Thanks for keeping up with me, it means so much.

    No worries, mate.
    Hey, where’s the air freshener? 😉

  2. sun slips into night
    red bleeding blackened twilight
    a sanctuary

    I absolutely love a “comment haiku”, especially if it’s a nice one, and it is.
    Very, very nice, Dolce

  3. lovely. colors paint wonderful words.

    A comment that makes me smile. Wonderful.
    Tanks, Sarah

  4. Awesome haiku ~m. Wherever do you find such great pictures? Are you an artist behind the lense too?

    Nah. Google images. Though I’m probably breaking every copyright law in the book.

  5. Great title, great poem and absolutely gorgeous picture!
    You Rock!

    Cayenne rocks!
    Tanks, kiddo . . .

  6. You burned your butt, didncha? :)

    lovely haiku!

    Maybe more than that. But I’ll never tell . . . 😉

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