• Awesome as always. I am back – and I’m not stinky.

    Well not all of the time…

    Thanks for keeping up with me, it means so much.

    No worries, mate.
    Hey, where’s the air freshener? :wink:

  • sun slips into night
    red bleeding blackened twilight
    a sanctuary

    I absolutely love a “comment haiku”, especially if it’s a nice one, and it is.
    Very, very nice, Dolce

  • lovely. colors paint wonderful words.

    A comment that makes me smile. Wonderful.
    Tanks, Sarah

  • Awesome haiku ~m. Wherever do you find such great pictures? Are you an artist behind the lense too?

    Nah. Google images. Though I’m probably breaking every copyright law in the book.

  • Great title, great poem and absolutely gorgeous picture!
    You Rock!

    Cayenne rocks!
    Tanks, kiddo . . .

  • You burned your butt, didncha? :)

    lovely haiku!

    Maybe more than that. But I’ll never tell . . . :wink:

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