Pen to paper. It’s just an act.
My blood splashes on the white page, in a thick crimson stream of scribbles;
the words that let the world see a glimpse of a real me, a man I barely know myself sometimes.
Letters form words forming thoughts, these effortlessly move me on the inside . . .
And it’s all on the inside.

It’s a turn of a phrase, a sliver of irony, the forbidden scent of midnight – it’s the epiphany found in discovering a new way ‘in’ that creatively fills me in ways I’ve never known before.
But . . .
“it’s beautiful, I don’t get it, you know my heart because it thanks you, for a song, a tear, a possible secret,”
a page ripped from the internal hard drive of my life and it hurts sometimes,
but it’s a good kind of hurt, a hard to say prayer

Pen finds a fresh, virgin page as I deeply come to understand the fundamental human need to sail unchartered waters, deep and stormy, my own vast oceans of thought
Zhivago green flows thick from a 14K nib, subdued and with no land in sight
Maybe this is all I’ve ever really wanted.

Pen to paper.
It’s much more than an act.
It’s purely me.

13 thoughts on “Zhivago

  1. That was a little bit deep for me all I got was
    Thick stream
    its all in the inside
    it hurts
    deeply come

    here I am all serious and shit and you make me stain my trousers. :mrgreen:
    Thanks for stopping by, blogging bud.
    I’ll see you at Smoke, Evyl and Dan
    You hot shit.

  2. “as I deeply come to understand the fundamental human need to sail unchartered waters”

    I love that line.

    This is a very raw piece. Not necessarily raw as in unpolished, but raw as in raw emotion.

    I always enjoy reading your work, even if they come from the depths of stormy seas inside.

  3. I’m not a writer, in the sense that I need to write like others do. But I’m a reader. The other side of the alchemy of words. And I like to weave small moments too. It’s amazing how it becomes a need. A catharsis. A spell of ancient magic.

  4. Yep. One of “those” posts.
    I should be used to it by now, but I’m not…and the day I get used to it will be the day I stop reading…
    Startling, haunting…wonderful

  5. Wow! I never expected this, but perhaps that’s because I’m only just getting to know you.
    My pen is clotted at the moment, so I take consolation from the words of others. You’re becoming one of my favourites.

    I love the new look.


  6. When I came up with “writing my way towards my soul”, I was considering the opposite direction too, but then I couldn’t quite fit it into 6 words while still explaining what I meant.
    Here’s one way of doing it (without a limit on words).

    “a real me, a man I barely know myself sometimes.”
    I’m not questioning how we figure out that we are real if we don’t recognise ourselves. For that’s not important. Important is the statement and understanding it.

  7. this resonates michael. i find myself thinking ‘whoa! you too?’.

    the line:

    blood splashes on the white page, in a thick crimson stream of scribbles…

    ‘feels’ like my one of my own scribbles that I called ‘page’
    morti (aka the oniongirl)

    Very much so, Morti
    Love your blog, the feel, the look and the writing.
    I’ve already been by but will be back again soon . . . probably tonight. :0)
    btw- I fixed the link and edited your comment ever so slightly. Hope you don’t mind.
    maybe a few people will follow the link and read the post. Here’s to hoping.

  8. You’re a creator!
    I had an epiphanic awakening just a couple of mornings ago, (that was probably the morning after I had drunk two JD punches the night before.) Anyway, I was realizing just how dangerous (or powerful, whichever way it goes) our words can be. Had me considering the virtues of muteness.

    I heard a radio interview at lunch today with Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana that was very interesting. here’s a link to the podcasts. The one for today’s show will probably be there tomorrow. http://www.kera.org/audio/think.php

    Thanks for sharing your writing, Michael.
    And feel free to share more of your piano playing – I would pay good money (well, a little bit. I’m not rich!) for more CDs of your playing/singing!


    Thanks, Lolly. You are a loyal fan and reader. ;)
    I am toying with the idea of a CD with 5 or six songs.
    All original. Gotta look into some recording equipment first.
    You will be the first to know when it happens, okay?
    Thanks, kiddo.

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