Hot Chix

I’m all about the giving some days and today is one of those days.
Got a website for ya.
I just can’t keep this stuff to myself.
There is a specific reason I mention this but I’ll get to that in a few minutes.
If you want a real good laugh; do not pass go, do not collect $200 and go straight to
The site tagline is “Pictures of hot chicks with total and complete douchebags. With commentary.”
It is hysterical, imho.
The concept is fairly straightforward, find a guy that thinks he’s way too sexy and photograph him as he poses with some randy lass.
I thought of this website after seeing this narcissistic little prick get on the train.
He walks likes he’s on a freaking runway and I just want to stick my foot out into the aisle and watch this candyass fall flat on his face.
Yeah, he’s a gem. I have to laugh because I’ve actually seen him unsuccessfully try to pick up several women. (Dude, you’re on a train.)
He’s married as well, not that it really matters.
He is by all counts the quintessential HotchickswithDouchebags poster boy.
I’d love to see him hook up with Blondezilla.
Oh, wait a minute, that’s a different site altogether.
I think it’s, but I could be wrong . . .
Right Said Fred knows all about it
btw- the guy in the picture won the highly coveted HCWD Choad of the year award.
And my, my, my wasn’t it richly deserved?

6 thoughts on “Hot Chix

  1. oh, i get to be the first!

    I think that dude might be one of the Gotti boys, and if so, yeah, he is a douchebag!

    Reg, you were second. Sorry.
    My spam filter caught one legitimate comment.
    I’ll be by soon.
    Thanks for stopping by

  2. Yeah, he does look like a Gotti boy!
    This is so funny. We’ve all seen those douche bags walking the street…..and tripping them goes thru my mind everytime. The chicks aren’t much better. They don’t work ,have respect or responsibility. In their defense, they don’t have to. Their parents are ‘proud’.

    Oh, don’t get me started on the parents . . . ;)

  3. love HCwDB… the commentary from DB1 is brilliant, poetic and insightful… what´s not to love! thanks for preaching the HCwDB gospel!

    Just doing my job . . .
    Nice to see you, DF

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