Smoke and Mirrors

In a perfect world . . .


obsidian glass
Opaque windows to the soul
lucidity’s dead . . .


  1. Weird writing mood paid off.
    Love it in so many ways.
    I think it may be the ‘o’-words and the tremble they leave behind.

    Weird, huh?
    Yeah, I’m a goner . . . (though I didn’t write this about me)

    ps. please add your URL okay? You’re screwing up the colour continuity in my sidebar comments :mrgreen:

  2. The soul is still there
    Soon it will know you again
    Then it will rejoice


  3. Great picture…..’Opaque windows to the soul’… love it!
    Know any good opticians???

    I live with one. 😉

  4. Haikus are so mysterious – so few words, you don’t get any explanations – I’ve enjoyed composing a few lately. It gives me an excuse to not to have to put words together in a way that’s easy to read and understand.

    Have you posted any? I agree, they are mysterious.
    I have to stop by.
    Thanks so much for the visit, Lolly.

  5. I can see
    the eyes cannot see
    what I see.

    Hey, that picture looks like if you pulled back to see more of the face, the nose would really be messed up. Kinda weird.

    Karl Malden’s nose, possibly?

  6. I “see” what you mean. 😉

    I’ve never written haiku. Never even tried. May have to though.

    BTW, my thank you notes have been written, sent and received. Thanks for being the guilt in my conscience. :)

    Glad the notes are written. Well done, teacher 😉
    Will be by to grade you haiku . . . :mrgreen:

  7. lovely image of your eye x

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