11 thoughts on “Deathstar

  1. Followed you here from Spaz… you have a terrific site… I have been through some of your pages and articles… they are great, this in particular made me laugh… See You around!

  2. Eddie Izzard and Lego’s make a great combo.

    Izzard is a total kook and I love him for that.
    I thank Rain for finding the Lego version . . .

  3. Well, at least he’s an honest thief.

    I cannot take credit for Eddie Izzard’s brilliance, but I do take credit for choosing the Lego version of this rather than the standup version.

    Honest? Oh, Rain surely you jest? :mrgreen:

  4. That was so funny. My daughter and I are huge Star Wars fans. She’s going to love this.

    Sharin’ the love is what it’s all about!
    Glad you liked it.
    I soiled my trousers

  5. Wow. The first time I watched this I almost stopped breathing I was laughing so hard. I’ve watched this about twelve times now, and it still cracks me up. Great find (even if you did steal it). ;)

    I’d steal it again.
    I owe my brilliance to Raincoaster.

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