One woman, a million opinions

My dear friend Annie has opened up a new blog (with help from our awesome friends from Australia).
If you haven’t visited her, now is the time.
I have a feeling she has more than a million opinions though ;)

Congrats, kiddo.
I wish you the very best in your new place
Now click on that gorgeous picture up above and tell her I sent you

9 thoughts on “One woman, a million opinions

  1. michael you just scared the bejesus out of me! you know the whole heart in the boots thing??
    When I saw the pic my first thought was how the HELL did I manage to do THAT!!!! Hot on the heels of that thought was how the hell am I goiong to FIX that!! Given I was in both FTP’s tonight I wondered how the hell I managed to merge the 2 blogs!
    Payback for laughing at you and you didn’t even try!
    Annie’s place looks great doesn’t it? She picked a theme that is just “her” and in fact one I’ve never seen before. And as we all know, I’ve seen a LOT.
    From here on in it’s all good for her. She deserves it too I’ll say. The freedom it allows more than makes up for the admin management…she’s going to thrive, I just know it…

    Didn’t mean to freak you out I just loved the header. :mrgreen:
    I threw it into Photobucket, cropped it and posted.
    I agree, it’s all good.
    Thanks in part to you and Kell for your help and love.
    As Annie says, you guys really rawk.

  2. We just like to see people happy is all…it takes so little time and fuss and more than worth it to see you both settled and content in environments that suit you…it’s going to be a big year for both of you, I can feel it…

    You guys are the nads. Period. (a good thing . . . )

  3. I love your new clock…this one is perfect!
    I love the new places popping up all over the fence from us “WordPress Villagers”. So how is the grass on that side? But, just as I said in a comment over at WC’s, I’m glad to see the gate is open for us to visit!

    Loving my clock.
    And yeah, the gate is always open . . .
    Thanks for the email CG.
    Made my night.

  4. I like Writer Chick’s new blog -looks awesome. When I saw the picture on your blog-I was confused momentarily. I thought you messed up again.

    Thanks, Pamela. (I think)
    Your husband is always messing something up . . . :mrgreen:

  5. *gasp* Your newest header .. Perfect!!!

    Been to Annie’s. Love it, just as I do this joint.

    You are the best, Red. (definitely the sexiest) :mrgreen:

  6. All of these new blogs, maybe I just need to break down and get my own domain and hook-up wordpress.

    Off to check out Annie!

    Check her out. She is awesome!

  7. You and Annie have the best blogs on here — perfectly suited and tailored to your personalities :-) Ali

    Aw, Ali, yours is so very cool too
    (and filled with all kinds of neat stuff)
    Thanks, kiddo

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