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  1. I was saddened to tears to hear of this yesterday. Mr. Korman, Ms. Burnett, and Mr. Conway were some of my favorite entertainers growing up. It makes me wish there were more variety shows on these days instead of reality shows. Ahh, nostalgia. My thoughts and prayers to his friends and family who will miss him even more than I.

    This kind of quality TV programming ceases to exist these days.
    A total shame . . .
    Probably a big reason I never watch TV

  2. aw, crap.

    i didn’t know he crossed over. i have recently begun collecting ‘the carol burnett show’ DVD’s…because i don’t really have a life. LOL. kinda.

    that clip is a classic; watching them work together was like having outtakes/bloopers on every show!


    “Outtakes and bloopers on every show”

    Took the damn words right out of my mouth.

  3. I grew up watching the Carol Burnett show, but didn’t appreciate their comedy until I was grown, even though it was pretty funny then! Hiliarious now! What a great comedy team! :-) Thanks for sharing this video!
    RIP Harvey Korman

    They were so very funny. Sad that it’s over.
    There were so many clips that I wanted to post . . .

  4. Harvey Korman… One of the best. I loved the Carol Burnett show, and I still enjoy watching Blazing Saddles.

    Click on the link I left for Simonne . . . (in her comment)

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