I visited my father last Wednesday only to find him sleeping.
Not necessarily a bad thing.
But to me, his face has changed and not in a good way.
More later . . .

There I sat; watching you sleep
counting your respirations, endless fragments of time,
grains of sand through the hourglass of your life

i wonder if you dream, of places long forgotten, of tender hearts that once made you smile,
faces where you found love,
surprised they were staring back at you . . .

There I sat; watching you sleep
ticking, ticking, the second hand on my wristwatch splintering a melancholy silence in a room where life goes on, almost unnoticed,
covered in the warmth of a much needed blanket

I pray that you dream, of things that meant the world to you;
these are the small and hidden gifts of an unfortunate and chaotic mind
and I wonder if God has ever cried for you?
the answer lies peacefully in the waiting arms of
Heaven . . . as He listens to the beat of your gentle, sleeping heart
I wish you heavenly peace


15 thoughts on “Hourglass

  1. I like the new digs. Congrats on the move.

    There is something comforting about watching a loved one sleep. They are most at peace. And we can reminisce about the days before.

    Thanks, Lass.
    So nice to see a comment from you.
    I’ll be by for a visit very soon.
    Hoping you’re well.

  2. i can almost see his face, like a sleeping child or angel. i pray he finds peace soon. and you too, my friend.

    I keep waiting for peace but I guess everything in its time.

  3. “…and I wonder if God has ever cried for you?”

    i am certain that He has, and His heart also goes out to you,
    dear ~m.

    you’re a wonderfully empathetic reader, Y
    Thanks so much. Love your comments

  4. In time,he will find the peace that we all seek. Take care my friend and keep faith.

    I’m all about the faith . . .
    Thanks, bud

  5. Palpitating heart .. My goodness, this was so was serene, but still, it saddened me.
    Funny how something as quiet as a wristwatch can be the loudest sound sometiimes.

    email sent.
    Thanks, Sam

  6. “I pray that you dream, of things that meant the world to you…” That line struck a chord with me – and I can’t seem to let it go. Your family and your readers are so blessed to have your words!

    I am blessed as well to have comments like this one.
    Thanks so much, L2D

  7. Your site is truly beautiful. I’ve just read some of your poetry and was very moved by it. And this post is quite haunting really. I’m sure your father is at peace in his own mind, and that God not only weeps for him, but jumps in his head and plays the odd game of chess with him too.

    Bit of a stalemate going on right now, though. ;)
    Thanks so much for the kind words and the visit.
    I’ll be by your place for a massage one of these days . . .

  8. May your Dad find the heavenly peace that he deserves!
    I agree with your friend Annie. I also think that he lives his life in his dreams. We can only hope he does.

    Amen, Lynn, Amen.

  9. “But to me, his face has changed and not in a good way.”

    This sentence and the title of your post gave me an eerie feeling. I hope that when his time comes, he is dreaming about the happiest time of his life and that he won’t feel a thing. God bless you, Michael.

    Thanks, Deb. I agree.

  10. My Dad, when he was asleep, LOOKED like my Dad again … no pain or anger. I knew the sleeping man. Thanks, M, for the lovely verse — it reawakened a nice memory for me.

    I was hoping you’d find me. ;)
    You’re welcome for the memory.
    I’ll be by in the next few days to catch up.

  11. I pray that he dreams wonderful dreams too. Thoughtfully worded, beautifully phrased. Again, I am completely awed by your writing that comes from so deep within you.

    Thanks, Angie.
    I saw the comment and thought, “Who the heck is Angie?”
    Sounds like Mrs.V to me . . . ;)

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  13. I loved the part of this piece where you are wondering what he dreams about. It magnifies your son-father relationship in a beautiful way even when he’s not awake.

    I do wonder what he’s dreaming about.
    It’s the Hal9000 mentality . . .
    Thanks for the visit.
    Please make sure you change my link!

  14. It’s odd that is have had similar thoughts while watching my baby girl sleep in my arms.

    I know what it feels like to watch a loved one always unsure what the next day, the next hour, the next minute will bring for them.

    But knowing at that very moment, you being there for them was the most important thing.

    That you are there for them?

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