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  1. Good video, Michael. Thank you for sharing this with us. If you ever get the chance to visit the Arlington Cemetery, go.

    A friend of mine (a veteran) said that everyone should visit Arlington at least once in their life.
    It’s something that needs to be seen.
    Thanks for listening, Deb

  2. Don McLean. Oh, my… A song that i “appreciated” as an emo-adolescent – it was cosmic, deep and moving.

    Now that i’m a mother? With a 19 year old son? While we’re a nation mired in war? Knowing that the body bags – thousands to date – arrive anonymously at Dover AFB. Distributed to small and large towns across the US. And young men and women are put in the earth…

    I was wondering who would comment on McLean.
    I’ve loved the song forever and thought it was appropriate and beautiful for today.
    A 19 year old son? I just can’t imagine.
    Three daughters for me.
    In many ways, I am truly blessed
    Thanks for the comment, DF

  3. While I can and do honour the sacrifices of the soldiers, I still can hate the wars forced upon us by old men who never fight themselves.

    Oh, the truth really hurts, Archie.
    Couldn’t agree with you more.
    Sometimes I wonder just how much they think about the young men and women fighting.
    Today, we remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

  4. Nice post Michael, I’m guessing that memorial day is like our remembrance day, which is different to ANZAC day.

    The theme suits the post btw :)

    Take it easy buddy

    Taking it easy Kell.
    Beautiful day, grill fired up and ready, Guinness poured, cigar lit.
    It’s all good.
    And yeah, the theme definitely suits the post.
    Love this theme. Love it.
    I do, however, need a plugin lesson. ;)

  5. Oh I haven’t heard that song in years. It makes me cry every time I hear it. Thanks for posting it, it’s a beautiful tribute.

    It was a last minute thought that worked out quite well.
    Glad you liked the tune. Me, too. Showing my age though . . . ;)

  6. “a man barely 20 did answer the calling
    proud of the trust that he’d placed in our nation

    he’s gone

    but eternity knows him
    …and it knows what we’ve done.”

    benjamin {my 10 y/o who is OBSESSED with WWII} and i just watched the 1975 version of “all quiet on the western front.” i wanted him to understand the personal ramifications of war and loss.

    i think i’d better stop here. my opinions do not necessarily reflect that of the general public. {oh, what a surprise to those who know and love me! ;)}

    i am a ‘navy brat’, and was born to a family of many who were career servicemen, including my daddy.

    love my country, fear my government. ’nuff said.

    happy memorial day…

    Funny that you picked out my favorite lines from the song.
    No surprise I guess.
    War sucks. Period. Amen.
    Massage please?
    Email me for a date, okay?
    God, I ache.

  7. Very nice little post ~m…you always pay tribute to your heroes so well….
    Hope your weekend has been kind to you…

    I hope this did the brave ones justice.
    I like to think it did.
    Reverence is sometimes misinterpreted.
    Hopefully, it wasn’t here.

  8. Fantastic memorial my friend.

    I admit I sometimes take the war for granted as I have no immediate friends or family serving now – these posts always knock me back into reality.

    Reality can sometimes be a very good thing.

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