My father has been on my mind lately for many reasons.
Today is his 79th birthday and I’m not sure if he’ll be around for the next one.
Though he knows little of what I do here, I send this to him with all my heart.
I think I was channeling him when I wrote it.
I hope that one day soon, he will rest.
Happy Birthday, Dad

Some days, I just feel broken
unfixable, disposable and anything but unique,
a silhouetted and God forsaken scarecrow alone in a Kansas cornfield filled with
purple sunset and orange rain . . .

Some days, the man in the mirror turns out to be me
a sad reality for such a sad clown
my greasepaint runs upwards in smiles
seeing the broken ones, just like me
with nowhere to belong, this shipwreck of fools
still afloat but drifting longingly towards the rocky shores . . .
of home

Today, I just feel broken
like I will never be quite right
And that’s okay, it’s the way I am
I guess being broken takes some getting used to

15 thoughts on “Broken

  1. “… I guess being broken takes some getting used to”

    please don’t even try to get used to being broken! it’s just too heartbreaking…

    i wish both you and your dad peace, the peace that passes all human understanding. the peace that comes from knowing what a rare and wonderful relationship you have shared…the peace that comes from knowing you continue to honor him in word and thought…the peace that comes from knowing that so many parts of him shine so brightly and illuminate you…

    Sometimes the comments on these kinds of posts make it what it is and IMHO, what it truly deserves.
    Gotta get a massage soon, Y! Soon!

  2. Happy birthday to your dad mate. Of course you know that on some level that we are ALL broken, it’s the broken bits that make us who we are and unique……

    Luv Kelly

    Your wisdom continues to astound me, Kell
    Thanks so much.

  3. oh, YEEEEEAH!

    when i commented this AM, i kinda-sorta liked your new format.

    this page truly phucking rocks…this is the shit, man! {ewww…how eloquent, yvonne!}

    this is without-a-doubt the best layout EVAH!

    I owe my template appearance to Moe and Kell (my blogging Goddesses)
    They are now officially family.
    Tanks, Y

  4. Wow, sad yet so beautiful!!
    Happy Birthday Mr. Murphy! May you have a restful day!
    Michael, I hope you, Pam and the girls have a relaxing weekend! Enjoy!

    Relaxing sounds wonderful.
    Hoping the same for you, John and the kids . . .

  5. The good thing about broken things is that they can be fixed…
    Beautiful writing Michael. Take care of you.

    Trying, Simm, always trying.
    Thanks for the comment.

  6. This was a hard post to comment on because it’s such an emotional subject….
    Broken? We all are on some itself will break you at times. It’s avoiding it totally destroying you is the trick.
    The compassionate side of you prays for him to rest, without a doubt. It’s not easy to admit things like that either, so I applaud you for admitting it michael….

    I often wonder how people will comment on a given post.
    I agree this one was emotionally charged.
    But in the process of being read, I’ve grown in a way. (without sounding totally philosophic)
    I knew you had read this and just needed to find the right words.
    So glad you found them.

  7. In so many ways this rings so true to how I feel some days.


    I think we break the day we are born. Like a perfect piece of stone that keeps being beaten upon, sharp piercing cuts carving out what we have gotten used to, what we thought was part of us.

    Until we emerge, in our own individual and true beauty. But even then, we still remain fragile.

    Beautiful piece again, Micheal.

    PS. My favourite artworks are mosaics.

    What seems most interesting about this post is that readers have taught me that we all are, in fact, broken to some degree. I didn’t really think about that as I wrote this. It came out more in the way of how my father might think looking in a mirror.
    As always, wonderful comment. And I too, love mosaics . . .
    Nice to see you, S
    I’ll be by for a visit later on today.

  8. Maybe not broken, but changed. Maybe not working the way God intended, but still working. And if he is broken, no less the man I am sure. His spirit will live on and not be broken. And I am sure that he has passed his strength and wisdom onto you. So those traits live on, but within you.

    HUGS and thinking of you.

    So nice, Gemisht. Thank you.
    Not broken but changed? I think you may be onto something there . . .

  9. *hugs*

    I’ll take it, NM
    Thanks so much for the visit.
    Sorry I’ve neglected you so much lately.
    New blog-syndrome, I guess . . .
    Should you ‘roll’ me, change my URL, okay?

  10. I hope your writing makes you feel less “broken”. Amazing poetry. Thanks for sharing.

    My writing does make me feel less ‘broken’.
    I think it was one of the first things I discovered when I started writing.
    Thank God for small favors . . .

  11. Broken – Such a fitting word.

    I often kid to my family that I am broken because of my MD – but I still work pretty well. Like that wobbly wheel on the shopping cart I guess.

    Here is hoping your father a belated, but very happy birthday.

    As many readers said, “we’re all broken.”
    I think that’s true.

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