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Is it possible that angels walk among us?
I’ve never given serious thought to that question before but I’m beginning to think that the possibility actually exists.
I believe I may have one.
I’m mentioning names here or whether it’s a man or a woman.
It doesn’t really matter, does it?
I will clarify one issue by saying that if you’re on my blogroll, it’s definitely not you.
Don’t take it personally; you are all angels to me in some sense of the word.

There is a person in my life right now that almost fills my own personal notion of an angel.
A George Burns?
God, no.
I think I may be losing it :mrgreen:

It’s comes down to a feeling I get when this person asks how I’m doing.

I answer this person honestly, something I don’t usually do with anyone aside from my wife (and yes, she is one of my favorite angels).
The conversation between this ‘angel’ and me is nothing weird or intrusive, it just is.
But it has a depth to it that I just can’t explain.
Just thinking a little bit more about this than usual today, I guess.
I checked my Gmail tonight and received a personal message from a Smoke and Mirrors reader. (so many out there, huh?) 😉
I got a chill when I read the e-mail’s title: Angel’s Poem
A God wink?
Who knows?
Maybe my angel does . . .


Took this one from Malcolm X . . .
I’ll gladly take a Costner but Jesse Jackson?


Cheap GPS

Courtesy of XKCD

Li’l Baby d’Pee

Had to brighten things up around here.
There’s a friend of mine that sent me a link to a YouTube video last week.
I laughed so hard upon discovering it was all performed by him.
His name is Doug and he’s a dear friend of mine from way back when
(one of the best drummers I’ve ever had the pleasure to play with as well)
He could always get me going with his impersonation of an old Jewish man (ala Billy Crystal)
Watch the video.
I’m still laughing.
If he ever gets famous, remember, you saw it here. :mrgreen:

Size of Sorrow

My sister and I have noticed some changes in our father.
Whenever we talk to him about ‘old times’ (instead of just sitting there staring vacantly out the window) his eyes fill with tears. He’s not totally crying but something is definitely going on.
We wonder what’s really going through his mind?
It was this thought and some help from the band “Tears for Fears” that are responsible for the inspiration behind this post.
I didn’t plan on posting tonight but sometimes you just have to let some of your writing go.

the Size of Sorrow

Carbon-copy days
Stain my mimeographed life
Wondering if today is some strange and future tomorrow

Time meanders away
some perpetual 36-hour day
But what is the size of sorrow?

a Fool on the hill
a sad silhouette of your absence
what remains breaks the heart of the borrow

Tomorrow is near
like an invisible tear
I’m wondering what is the size of your sorrow?


Not drowning, waving

Wanted to check in and just let you know I’m alive and well.
I thank all of you for continuing to visit.
I’m trying hard to make my way around the bloghorn but somedays are just hell.
Once things settle down a bit, I will be back.
I have so much writing in my journal just screaming to be posted but . . .
Be safe and be well, folks.
See all of you in a bit.


a Quickie

Any questions?
This is so far out of control.
You would think the government would have stepped in by now.
You think Cape Cod was a bit slow last year?
Just wait . . .


Temporarily signed off . . . kinda

I’m going to be out of here for a little bit.
Lots of stuff going on folks.
A few opportunities that I can’t pass up will inevitably keep me far away from the comfort of Smoke and Mirrors.
I do promise to return.
Just not sure when . . .
(I left you with a nice pic though, didn’t I?)


for a friend

If there was a star in the sky
I’d wish upon it
better days for you . . .
But sometimes it feels the stars
are all taken, leaving the sky dark and godforsaken; a desperate space

this self-imposed penance is just that
as is the self-denial of a solace richly deserved

the light of the soul never dies
but occasionally flickers;
a sign that things do change
black to white, night to day

there’s a star in the sky
and I’m wishing on it
better days for you . . .

if you’re left wondering about the star
* i put it there
just remember I may need you to find me one someday . . .
I wish you faith, love and a belief that life goes on
because it does.


ps. so much for less posting, eh? :mrgreen:


One of my favorite comic strips.
And yeah, it’s weird, weird, weird.
There’s a strange squid motif from time to time as well.
Maybe Rain has something to do with it. (as she says, “Friends don’t let friends play with giant squids.”)
Check out Lio (or your favorite comic) HERE
Who said ‘cheat post’?


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