Smoke and Mirrors

In a perfect world . . .


Silent sun, setting . . .
Perfect fifths, the perfect chants
when silence meets grace



  1. I’ll drink to that. But then again I’ll drink to nearly anything.


  2. :)
    love it….

    Tanx, mum

  3. I hummed “do -sol” instead of saying “perfect Fifths” as i read this – it works. Feels right. G

    And “sol-do” will give you a perfect fourth.
    That concludes our music lesson today. 😉

  4. Pity I had to reach my age before I found Haiku. Less is really more. I love it.

    less is more

    Reminds me of Miles Davis when he was asked about his thoughts on improvisation.
    He said, “Think of a note, then don’t play it.”
    Heavy stuff.

  5. some music must stay
    in the heart – if audible,
    would silence the world

    Creative comment, dude.
    Back to back haiku’s.
    Gotta love it.

  6. It’s nice to see you
    Revel in the ancient modes.
    Tallis will be next.

    (sorry, couldn’t resist.) 😈


    Nothing like a “Haiku-wiseass” . . .
    Tommy (mutha-f***ing) Tallis?

  7. I won’t try and match any of these haiku’s but yours is very haunting in its simplicity.

    It was more of a cheat post than anything. But thanks, Grimm 😉
    Always nice when you visit.

  8. And you say you’re not a poet.


    Aw, shucks . . . {shuffling feet}

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