• I’ll drink to that. But then again I’ll drink to nearly anything.


  • :)
    love it….

    Tanx, mum

  • I hummed “do -sol” instead of saying “perfect Fifths” as i read this – it works. Feels right. G

    And “sol-do” will give you a perfect fourth.
    That concludes our music lesson today. ;)

  • Pity I had to reach my age before I found Haiku. Less is really more. I love it.

    less is more

    Reminds me of Miles Davis when he was asked about his thoughts on improvisation.
    He said, “Think of a note, then don’t play it.”
    Heavy stuff.

  • Cool.


  • some music must stay
    in the heart – if audible,
    would silence the world

    Creative comment, dude.
    Back to back haiku’s.
    Gotta love it.

  • It’s nice to see you
    Revel in the ancient modes.
    Tallis will be next.

    (sorry, couldn’t resist.) :twisted:


    Nothing like a “Haiku-wiseass” . . .
    Tommy (mutha-f***ing) Tallis?

  • I won’t try and match any of these haiku’s but yours is very haunting in its simplicity.

    It was more of a cheat post than anything. But thanks, Grimm ;)
    Always nice when you visit.

  • And you say you’re not a poet.


    Aw, shucks . . . {shuffling feet}

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