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My favorite number

The hype, trash talking, whining and ad nauseum analysis is over.
Time to play the game and quit talking about Spygate.
Cameras don’t win games, players do.
And my favorite number?
What else could it possibly be? :mrgreen:



  1. let the games begin!

    this is a wonderful year to be a sports fan from Bawstin.

    i hope we wipe that bewildered lil smirk off Eli’s face.

    …and i pray that no one gets hurt. oh, yes, God, and please, if it is Your Will, give us a ref that knows the difference between ‘heads’ and ‘tails’ on the coin toss…

  2. The Patriots are a 12-point favorite with oddsmakers as they try to become the second team in league history to win all their regular-season games and the title. The 1972 Miami Dolphins went 17-0, beating the Washington Redskins 14-7 in the Super Bowl.

    Jim Kiick, who was a running back for the undefeated Dolphins, said that as a New Jersey resident his heart is with the Giants. His head, Kiick added, says New England prevails.

    “To go against their perfection would be crazy,” the Lincoln Park, New Jersey, native said in an interview

    Go Pats

  3. Hope the Pat’s win! Just for you! I don’t really have a favorite team. Though if it was the Steelers in the game, I’d be totally into watching!

  4. And now they join the ranks of being just another good team..18-1 and couldn’t get it done ! People will always remember who lost Superbowl XLII…

    I know, I know . . .
    But just another good team? I strongly disagree.

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