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  • let the games begin! this is gonna be awesome!

    love the new category: “tom brady doesn’t suck”…LOL.

    here’s hoping the chargers’ goodies “turn a brilliant shade of navy blue, fall out of their scrotums and shatter on the ground like Christmas ornaments.” in foxboro today. OUCH! of course, i am paraphrasing from the master….

    – Constant Reader

    Victory is schweet . . .

  • damn! we have to work! mark is spitting…he’s going to keep the net up so he can see what’s happening….
    enjoy your game and your couch….

    I did. :mrgreen:

  • Mmm .. beer.

    Mmmm . . . Red.

  • Congrats on the win! Stay warm!! My family was up near Wellesley over the weekend for my nephews swim meet. I woulda popped up but dang, it was cold and I was on dog-care duty!

    Damn dog-care duty!
    Maybe next time . . .

  • Time for Little Manning to take it to the Brady Bunch…..The sequel ;)

    Hopefully Little Manning will get served a heaping plate of ‘Brady’ . . .

  • WOOHOO!!!!
    I’m hoping the big game is live on one of the channels over here…for us it will be a Monday {again} dammit! Will have to check the guides…
    Mark was telling me about the ticket prices….holy moley batman most people would need to take a second mortgage on the house! dem is scarey figures!

    Yeah, prices are ridiculous. Check Ebay for a laugh.
    You gotta be rich. Or really fucking stupid.
    It’s a football game, for God’s sake.
    I’ll take my Sony flat-screen, thank you. (and the bathroom 20 ft. away)

  • M~
    Time to get UP-It’s OVER for two weeks!

    I’m up! I’m up!
    When we going to Carl’s again?
    You around tomorrow?
    Let me know.

  • Another super bowl blowout. Least wise there are some former Gators on the team. My Mom is so pissed being a dolphins fan and all (something about the “snow plow” incident). My Jags couldn’t get it done so I’m with ya on this one. Couldn’t stand to have another Manning with a ring…

    Couldn’t stand to have another Manning with a ring…
    God, can I relate. And their commercials suck hairy camel scrotum . . .

  • Bet you’re a happy person right now!

    You betcha!

  • As much as I would hate to see the Patriots win, I would hate to see anyone named Eli win a ring – so I am unfortunately forced to root for…

    Absolutely nobody.

    Sounds similar to how I feel about the Presidential election . . . :mrgreen:

  • Is the Super Cup happening this week? Who’s playing?

    Souper Cup.

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