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Leader of the Band

Dan Fogelberg ~ (1951 – 2007)

In my early years of playing music, Fogelberg was a definite musical influence on me.
I saw him perform in 1976 at the Orpheum in Boston (the first night I ever smoked a joint, now you have some serious dirt on me).
I wooed my wife way back when performing many of his tunes.
Whether you liked the guy or not, he was a peaceful man and a very talented songwriter.
I saw this news clip on Yahoo this afternoon.
God, I have another reason to hate Mondays.
I am very sad tonight.
I’ll stop there.
Should you ever get a chance, listen to “Souvenirs”.
Click on the photo above for Fogelberg’s website.

And here is a sunrise
To set on your sill.
The ghosts of the dawn
Moving near.
They pass through your sorrow
And leave you quite still…
Sitting among souvenirs . . . 

Sleep in heavenly peace, Dan . . .



  1. :(

    Me, too, Lolly . . . me, too.
    CD is on the way.

  2. He is simply amaaazing. Is .. was .. will always be amazing.


  3. i love leader of the band. one of my all-time favourite songs.

    Not one of my favorites but that was the essential beauty of the man.
    His music touched so many.

  4. “part of the plan” was always my favourite….this is so sad…i didn’t know until i clicked your link either…haven’t seen or heard any news today, nor have i checked my reader….

    “Part of the Plan” was an awesome tune off “Souvenirs” (one of my favorites)

  5. The good die young, my friend. Mozart only lived to be 35.

    Of course, this means that you and I will live forever. 😉

    “Since You Asked” is one of my favorite songs.


    I think I’ll live longer than you. :mrgreen:

  6. The world is always a little duller after losing such people.
    I’m off tomorrow night to watch one of my musical heroes…up close and in real life. I can’t wait. It’s the first time I’ll have had the pleasure of being in the presence of true musical genius. From reading some of your posts in the past I’m expecting it to be an almost religious experience 😛


    Judging from your Picasa album I’m thinking you’re somewhere in between heaven and earth? 😉
    Great pics, Kel.

  7. The circle of life can be a real bitch to the survivors.

    Amen, bud.

  8. So, so very sad. A beautiful voice, silenced too soon.


  9. I had just been thinking that I hadn’t heard an update about his condition in a while. I so happy to have seen him in concert recently. I think it was just before he was diagnosed with cancer. I knew that I would cry pretty much through the entire concert, which is what I did. Bri and I were just saying, songwriters like this just don’t exist much anymore. It’s a sad thing. So sad to lose such a talent.

    songwriters like this just don’t exist much anymore
    Amen, sister, Amen.

  10. This is incredibly sad. :(

    Honestly, I’ve never heard of him, but I know already that I’ll like the legacy he has left behind him.

    And that’s the important part.

    And what a legacy it is.

  11. ~m said:

    “I think I’ll live longer than you.” :mrgreen:

    I hope not. I don’t want you singing at my funeral. 😉

    I’m not much into that Tommy Tallis thing anyway.

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