Tickling Ivory

I’m taking a bit of a blogging rest in order to bone up on an upcoming gig.
I desperately need to play some piano.
Instead of blogging I’ll be working on some Real Book stuff.
I may even work up some Scott Joplin for good measure.
I’ll be posting but not with any regularity for the next few weeks or so.
See all of you on the flipside . . .
I’ll leave you with some classic Bill Evans
{and yeah, I play just like that}



5 thoughts on “Tickling Ivory

  1. May the same muses that inspire Camilo, Rubalcaba, Valdez, Tatum, Chopin, and Bach come down and make those wonderful fingers run though those ivories! Tons of melodies, runs and altered chords!
    God bless you brother!
    Tu hermano….
    Ps….And people, I’ve seen this cat play. And HE DOES sound like that!

    Oh, dude. You’re working way too much! ;)

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