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I planned on posting something tonight but I’m running on scant fumes.
I was up at 2AM this morning and basically never made it back to bed.
Sportin’ a serious case of whoopass here people.
Hopefully, tonight the Sandman will come.
For now, I’m off to dreamland.



  1. Been there done that. Throw some of that Jedi Ninja shit on the sandman and grab some sleepy dust. Sometimes that helps.

    Found the dust.
    Thank God.
    Gotta work on the Ninja shit though.
    Do you give private instruction?

  2. Sweet dreams, MrMichael.

    Tanks, Red.
    I feel better this morning.

  3. Sleep, and dream well buddy. I know exactly how you feel. Nothing worse than getting into bed and just lying there..wanting so desperately to sleep yet for whatever reason, you can’t. Plain ol sucks!

    Slept well but sans dreams.
    Oh, well, you can’t have everything.
    Thanks, Kel.

  4. so i wasn’t seeing things when i thought i saw you online at some ungodly hour then? i have nights like this regularly and they are the worst thing in the world….i hope you managed to sleep and had pleasant dreams just to make it more enjoyable :-)

    Insomniasurfing. It’s the best, ain’t it?
    Sleep was good.
    Almost back to fighting form…or is that writing form?

  5. What a picture! It just started storming here at work. Nice.

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