Caspar David Friedrich

Sometimes something catches my eye in a particular way.
Friedrich, a 19th century German romantic painter did just that.
Click on the picture above to see some of his dark and brooding work.
Wikipedia also has some great links and info regarding this artist. For that, click HERE.
A nod to Smith for the find.
A nod to me for sending him in the right direction to begin with.


8 thoughts on “Caspar David Friedrich

  1. I remember looking at this in my 19th Century European art history class. I love paintings like this. I love the little worshipers still going to the cathedral even though there is barely anything left. And better yet, I love to find delapidated churches like this. There is one on the road going to NYC. I’ve tried to find the church but can only seem to ever see it from the highway. Maybe it’s not really there?

    I believe the picture shown here is called “Monastery in the snow”.
    The little people you see going in are monks.
    Friedrich was known for his religious mysticism, hence the decaying church structure (the reformation)
    As far as the church going to NYC, get a good picture next time.
    But maybe nothing will show up after it’s developed. Eeeegads!

  2. Hey, one of my favourites! Have an entire coffee table book on him. I like the one above very much. One of my personal favourites is called “the wanderer above a sea of fog”, mainly because it reminds of one of my favourite places in Europe. Looks great on a black background

    I can definitely see why Friedrich is a favorite.
    I fell in love with his work immediately.

  3. Hm, just found another copy of the painting and there it’s called “Chalk cliffs of Ruegen”. I only have the German title which doesn’t match any of them but hey, nobody said the Internet was perfect…. :-) .

    I’ve found some inconsistancy regarding titles as well.
    I’ve seen the above picture called “Cloister”.

  4. Sadly, the original painting was destroyed during WWII. This is most likely a colorized version of that photo. Whoever did it did a very good job of mimicking Friedrich’s style.

    He was quite interesting. Some of his paintings seem to foreshadow Dali, while others foreshadow Impressionism. He is a sadly neglected artist.


    Doesn’t look like he smoked as much weed as Dali…

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