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Fuzzroast and . . .


A few things to tie up the year.
make sure you visit my good buddy Fuzz and check out my contribution to his roast.
Click on the fuzzbox above and be transported to a pretty funny post.

Also, just found out that WordPress is trying this new feature called ‘Snap‘.
It’s trial run is being introduced on 10% of the WP blogs.
I’m one of them.
I think they want me to feel special. Which is fine with me.
Hover over a hyperlink in my “Last Post” or any of the links below and you’ll see how Snap works. Pretty cool.

Lastly, a shoutout to some of the other poets and writers I missed that have made my blog so interesting in the past year:

Winterland, a blog of wonderful prose
Vancouver Calling, a weblog that’s has some great photos and writing
They call me crazy, the blog of Marty, a frequent commenter here at S&M
Lovely Red Rose, Lolly’s warm and cozy nook in the blogosphere
Flightpattern, one of the most intense blogs I’ve read this year

I thank all of you for making this year so great for me.
I appreciate your candor, incredible understanding and infinite wisdom.
You make me keep my eyes open to the world that surrounds me.
See you all next year.
Be safe, be well. . .




Turn this pic upside down and it’s a light bulb; a brilliant idea that should have been executed so long ago.
Welcome to Hell, Saddam.
Sleep in pieces, you stinkin’ creep.


Last post

I’m wondering what went through your mind when you read the title of this post.
I know what went through mine, but I’m just curious.

Blogging has become something of an obsession of mine since I began in February of 2005. I shudder to think how much time I’ve spent posting, endlessly messing with my template and header, reading and commenting on other blogs (the list goes on, as you well know).

Several interesting things happened this year at Smoke and Mirrors:


1) My piece ‘14 Signs you may be suffering from a BCD’ (blogging compulsive disorder) was published in an online book and is now available in print through Amazon. Pretty cool. (thanks, Deb Woehr) I still can’t afford a house on the French Riviera but it’s still pretty cool.

2) The ‘Crap’ post fiasco where another blogger labeled me as a racist (thanks for sticking up for me Fuzz)

3) the total Fubar with the ever enigmatic Bloggy Awards, which I won’t go into here but suffice to say I learned a few valuable lessons.


The list goes on but those are a few of the standouts that come to mind.

The year also saw the introduction of a few new bloggers namely, Writer Chick (you can thank me for prodding her. Shit, she has more readers than me now), Spasmicallyperfect, Anonymum, MurderofRavens (visit him and say he’s still slacking) and the fiery riddle that is PureEvyl (God, let me count the ways I love this freakshow of a blogger).

I started an Alzheimer webring called Memory Lane, a collection of blogs that chronicle some aspect of the devastating disease.
Every blog residing there is worthy of a look.
I only wish I had the time to devote to visiting all the blogs there and promoting the webring.

As I always say, in a perfect world.

A few blogs caught my eye because they were so interesting.
Never Goodbye and Mercurial Scribe are wonderful weblogs that simply put many to shame because they’re so well written.
Speaking of eloquence, there’s my new friend Sarah Flanigan and In the Shadow of His Wings, both exceptional in terms of the quality of writing and creativity of thought to be found there.

There’s a downside as well with the blogosphere in terms of linking.
This year I linked to several blogs after commenting numerous times.
There’s no cardinal rule that states linking is reciprocal but I felt I had something in common with these folks and I foolishly expected a linkback.
Never expect a linkback.

I check Technorati every few days to see anyone new that’s linked to me.

I never found one of these blogs linking back, no comments on my blog as well.

So, I blew them away.

If they don’t like it, tough shit.

All I ever really wanted was to be, at the very least, acknowledged.

Sour apples?
I don’t think so.
They needed me more than I needed them.

Nothing cocky, we’re just talking common courtesy here. That’s all.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens next year.
Or not.

Tune in on January 1st to see if I’m still alive and kicking… and posting.
I may very well be.

Happy New Year, everybody.
2007 is here. Good God, already?
Stay safe…




Don’t quite know where this one came from either.
Let’s just say that I should probably be working for Hallmark.
Maybe not. . .


There’s a quiet place in my heart
that echoes your voice. . .

A crimson room filled with but the thought of you, the scent of you; a lasting obsession with the frosted emerald soul windows that seem to fill me with the purest of light, the light of you
the warm radiance slowly melts away an impossible cerulean ice sealing the doorway as it dissolves into a rushing river, seeking the waiting serenity of the harbour, the comfort of you

With troubled waters safely behind me, I see you walking the shore
waiting, like you always do. . .

for my soul to come back home

And I always do

*for the one with the ‘emerald‘ eyes…



Write. Right?

There are days when words to write are scarce, simply not there from my point of view.

But you’re writing right now, I hear you say, how can there be no words?

For the literary alchemy to be correct (for me) there has to be some sort of ‘connection’ in the very depth of my words, significant reasons for them to fundamentally exist.
Today’s writing feels like an exercise in ineffectuality when in essence it is all about personal perseverance…I think.

I’ve read enough writing books to know that words will never come if you’re not holding a writing instrument of some type and actually writing.
Sounds simplistic but writers have numerous ways of putting off the muse.
I’ve done it.
So have you (if you’re a writer).

This is my pen and these are my thoughts;

For the past two Christmases, I’ve received a personalized writing journal from my like-minded daughter, Jenna.
In temperament and mood, we are two peas in a pod. Kinda scary…
I can’t for the life of me put my finger on why her gift moved me so, it just did.
I got choked up this year as I did last year and I’m sure my daughters all think I’m going psycho or something. (Dad’s freaking out again)

Oddly enough, I’ve yet to write in either journal.
Strange, huh? It’s like I’m saving them for a rainy day or something.

Aren’t my words special enough and uniquely me?

Are they worthy of taking up residence on the many waiting blank pages?

I’ve decided to place my writing bravado on the shelf (where it belongs) and do what all good writers do: write.

Sounds simple, but God, it’s really not.
(Writers, you understand, don’t you?)

It’s contemplating the act itself that sometimes leaves me feeling inept.

In the words of Natalie Goldberg, it’s just my monkey mind. (my internal censor truly believes that nothing I write is good enough)

Maybe I began writing tonight because I just wanted to thank my three daughters for gifts that were anything but ordinary and showed me how much they love to make me happy; and God, how they always do.

One more important note—Happy Birthday, Sarah.

You have reached a milestone.
You are no longer a teenager. (yikes)
Good luck in the ER but be prepared for some bumpy emotional terrain.
You can handle it, I’m sure.
And thanks for the new shamrock ‘dreamhat’.
Lord only knows, your dear old Dad needs it. . .



Rest in peace, JB.
(May 3, 1933 – December 25, 2006)


This is NOT a Christmas post


Kind of reminds me of a jet back t-shirt worn by a Goth girl I waited on a few years ago. The t-shirt said, “Strangers have the best candy“.
Ewww. . .
btwshe had @20 ‘face’ piercings.


Merry Christmas 2006

The next few days will find me incredibly busy.
I’ll check my stats and email occasionally but that will be about it.
No new posts until sometime next week.
Until then, may your heart be light and your Christmas be white. . .

Happy Holidays all!




Found this video after a tip from my daughter Sarah.
For your info Betelgeuse (reddish colour) and Rigel (bluish-white) are stars in the constellation Orion.
Betelgeuse is at the top left shoulder and Rigel is at the bottom right ‘foot’.
I find stuff like this absolutely amazing.
Maybe it’s just me.


I’m a Christmas Weasel


Alright, I had to try the new holiday template.
So sue me. 😉


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