Oct 24th


Monkeys + DiveBar + Joke = Most excellent.

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  • starbender says:

    Hahahaaa, I luv those guys!
    I just realized–I seem 2 be posting my comments under the wrong posts! Sorry! Silly me.

    where is the Timberland website???


    Hey SB-
    My Dreamhat resides HERE 
    No prob on the comments. I figured it out. . .


  • purefnevyl says:

    Gotta luv penguin jokes.

    Yeah, especially when told by a chimpanzee. . .


  • debambam says:

    Oh that was good…just as well I wasn’t drinking coffee or I would have been cleaning the screen right about now….and that would just be a waste of coffee!
    Cheers, Kelly

    Every bean is sacred. 8-)


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