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I really like Nine Inch Nails.
And I love Rachmaninoff.
What’s up with that?
Musically, the genres are obscenely and diametrically opposed.
Maybe I’m just crazy and nobody knows it.
Yet. . .


  1. They are both music with balls. That isn’t so diametrically opposed as you might think.

    Love ya, Fuzz.
    Sometimes I think we’re on the exact same wavelength. . .


  2. To me they are both about presenting raw and shocking sounds to the listener. Total emotion and involvement with the music… the simplae and raw power that can be introduced by hitting the instrument really damn hard. Sorry to use the word raw twice…but I think it’s one of the main connections between the two.
    I don’t think they are different at all. And that makes both of them even more powerful.
    Try and use different vocabularies to express emotion. that’s one way to make good music.

    ‘Raw’ is the exact word that describes this bizarre phenomenon.
    It never ceases to amaze  me when readers make me ‘understand’ my post more deeply.
    Briliant observation, Alabaster.
    Thanks for reading. . . 


  3. Not really a fan of either, but your comment about being crazy and no-one knowing is dead wrong…you are indeed crazy but it’s why we luv ya so much :) That and the never ending supply of surprises you throw our way with your various tastes in all things…music, art, books, blogs!!
    Have a good night buddy
    Cheers, Kelly and Anonymum

    “you are indeed crazy”. . .
    Thank God, I thought I was going nuts. 😎
    Love you guys. . .


  4. My favorite NIN song is “Closer.” It’s so primal.

    One of my faves as well.
    The Downward Spiral is kind of cool too.
    “Everything in this world is blue”


  5. Hmmm, I never would’ve guessed. Love NIN, definitely beats RAP……oh sorry, did I say that? 😉

    Who said Rap?!!!
    Oh, just Snot stirring the pot. . .  😎


  6. LMFAO @ Snotsucker!! Isn’t RAP a swear word round these parts??!!
    Cheers, Kelly

  7. Well if you are crazy then so are the rest of us. Music has such a unique ability to take us to places we’d never be able to visit otherwise. I can’t imagine life without it.

    “I can’t imagine life without it.”

    Nor I. . .


  8. Crazy? Nah. Dimensional? Yes. There’s nothing wrong with liking music that’s really diverse. I think an artist can enjoy many different perspectives, and it just adds depth to his character, enabling him to communicate to many different audiences.


    Perspective? Hmm. . .
    I like that.


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