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Month: February 2006 (page 1 of 3)

Remember Furby?

Nice gums…


Secrets Revealed

-found this pic on
Bongo News.
So that’s how she does it, eh?

Check out Bongo and this article:
Angelina Jolie’s Lips are Pregnant“…
A few laughs for the weekend.



My post tonight is actually a response to my friend Pat Kirby.
If you look at my sidebar you will see my Cocomments.
Check my comment to Pat. (and please visit her blog, she's a great writer, among other things)
It's regarding my "blogroll" post.
That's all for now.

shine on folks,


Please hand me my blogroll

I've finally alphabetized my blogroll. (Wow, what a day)
It's right up there with re-arranging my sock drawer but it was driving me nuts.
I've trimmed a few links and have more to add.
Make sure you pay a visit to the Mystery Blog.
I find it amazing that I've yet to get any acknowledgement from the two links I posted so far.
Do bloggers that visit here check Technorati on a daily basis?
I would think you want to know who is linking to you.
And if they do give you a link, at least have the decency to dash off an email and say, "thanks".
Jeepers, it's common courtesy. Or am I nuts?
Alright, don't answer so fast, huh?

evening all,


caps of wisdom

"The Devil is in the potato salad."

-found inside a Magic Hat bottlecap



My mood has been anything but inspired lately.
Funny, I’ve noticed a few bloggers that seem to be experiencing the same type of blasé funk. Maybe it’s the month of February, that strange phase of the winter solstice when I stumble deep into these chasms that seem to drain my energy and zap my already lacking sense of creativity.

My mind has been pre-occupied with the trip to Honduras and possibly that’s part of the problem. I’m hoping it’s just my psyche preparing itself for the impending experience of Central America.
I admit, it’s a psychological ruse at best, Lord knows my brain is excellent
at finding reasons why I shouldn’t write.


I’ve been thinking about the flight into Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
Several people have already told me that when you land, everyone on the plane applauds.
That’s reassuring, huh?
They say the landing is a difficult one, and I’ve been told the runway is only 30yds long
(not really).


I remember taking a flight many years ago into Philadelphia to be a sponsor for my niece’s confirmation
(She also has a birthday coming up this Sunday! Happy Birthday, kiddo!).

I thought Chicago was the Windy City?

Believe me, Philly is a close second.

The flight was basically alright until the plane came in for a landing.
I happened to look out the window and noticed that the body of the plane was at a slight angle to the straight runway.
OMG. I’m going to die.
At the moment of (impact) touchdown, the plane jerked itself back in line with the runway.
I experienced an intestinal lapdance that I won’t soon forget.
So much for the clean Fruit-of-the-loom's that day.
When I go to Honduras, I plan on taking my token tablets of Dramamine
(yes, I’m a puny-birdy-girly man)
and ordering a good, stiff libation when we’re in the air.
The combo turns me into what I call the quintessential “happy camper”.
Maybe it’s getting the camper to Honduras that’s the biggest problem.
I've got a great bodyguard, anyway…



(thanks, Yvonne)


Prez Day

Bush impersonator

Check out the link above. Great way to start the lamest of all holidays…


(thanks, JB)

*When you need that extra push

(courtesy of my bud GM)


best friends

 Happy Birthday to my longtime friend, Deg.
I just found out he's currently in Arizona.
At least he's in a warm place.
Unlike here.
I sent him a text message and basically had a long distance conversation with his youngest daughter, Sarah. (Deg claims he doesn't know how to use text messaging. Maybe he's smarter than I thought he was.)
Hope you have a great day, bud, and 100 more just like it.


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