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Winkin’, Blinkin’ and Nod

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Me. In about 45 minutes.
Just got in from the Wine Expo in Boston. Loooong weekend.
The Expo closed at 5pm. The most interesting time is between 4:30 and 5.
The only people left at that time are the people too drunk to find their way out.
And boy, oh, boy they're really fun to watch.


the Writing Life

"The life that produces writing can't be written about. It is a life carried on without the knowledge even of the writer, below the mind's business and noise, in deep unlit shafts where phantom messengers struggle toward us, killing one another along the way; and when a few survivors break through to our attention the are received as blandly as waiters bringing more coffee."

~Tobias Wolff from the novel, "Old School"

I just finished Old School on the way home tonight and highly recommend it to anyone that writes. Wolff gives us a genuine look at the internal gears of a writer in the making. I love many things this man has written, this book is no exception. If you like Wolff, you won't be disappointed.

Maybe I should just go back to bed

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There are somedays when you know the elements of the universe are against you.
Ever see a cloud like this?
Keep thinking tomorrow is another day.


Hmm. . .

  You scored as Journalism.
You are an aspiring journalist, and you should major in journalism!
Like me, you are passionate about writing and expressing yourself,
and you want the world to understand your beliefs through writing.


What is your Perfect Major?
created with

I took this little online quiz. Interesting.
Maybe I'm in the wrong business.


Remember this picture?

Monday was nothing like I’d planned.
My last name is Murphy. Go figure.
It was snowing ever so lightly when I went out to my truck at 5:45 this morning.
No big deal. I didn’t even bother to brush my truck off.
It was a bit slow going to the train station but other than that (and the fact that I got a crappy night’s sleep) it seemed like a fairly normal Monday.
One thing I’ve learned is that sometimes, when you least expect it, things get worse.
The name’s Murphy, remember?

There are things that throw you off track though.

The train stopped at Yawkey (Fenway Park Station) and I looked out the window surprised to see the outfield lights were on. The illuminated snowflakes took on the appearance of monstrous, moving Venetian blinds as the lights cut the swath of snow into precise and surreal lines. Very nice.

I was opening the store and usually get there early if only to have a cup of coffee or check my email. Upon opening the door, I heard water.
And no, it wasn’t an insignificant drip, and it wasn’t soft like a country brook—no, this sound fell into the category called “tropical rainforest / monsoon-type”.
The kind of “water sounds” you can buy at Brookstone on a cassette for relaxation.
Obviously, at 7:35am, this sound was anything but relaxing to me.
I locked the door behind me and turned on some lights to see just what the hell was going on.

I looked in amazement at the water dripping from everywhere.
It was falling at a rate I won’t soon forget.

“Oh – My – God,” was all I could say as I stood there gaping, my mouth open like some left over Anna Lee doll. Suddenly, I heard something above me falling and jumped out of the way as a sizeable piece of plaster smashed on the floor.

Now I’m awake. Didn’t need that coffee after all.

Thank God for my “cat-like” reflexes. (jk)

All I could think of was Yogi Berra’s classic line, “It’s like deja-vu all over again.”

It’s PU all over again . . .

Click on the pic, you'll see what I mean.




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I check my Sitemeter on a daily basis and wonder where in the world some of the hits come from.
Judging from todays URL's, I'm really huge in Hong Kong.
As for the picture above, it has absolutely nothing to do with this post. Please disregard it.



I'm not a big advocate of the tagging thing but I thought this was pretty cool.
I considered myself tagged by Deb.
If any of you are interested in participating, consider yourself tagged.

Four Jobs You’ve Had In Your Life

A Pharmacist assistant—I counted many pills and was given Hycodan when I had a cold. Nice.
An EMT – short lived but really cool anyway. I learned much.
A Tobacconist (current) (Any anti smoking comments will be deleted immediately. I smoke, I pay taxes and I'm sick and tired of the whining people that give me endless grief because my cigar smells, deal with it, end of story. Ooh, that's a rant, huh?)
A solo pianist – this story could go on forever. Let’s just say I’ve played a lot.

Four Movies You Could Watch Over And Over

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (oh, yeah, it's big)
Defending your life (Albert Brooks is amazing)
The Exorcist (care for a cup of LB’s Split Pea Soup of Demonic Possession?)
The Polar Express (no need to explain this one, it’s wonderful, as is T.Hanks)

Four Places You’ve Lived

Oxford, Ma
Auburn, Ma
Worcester, Ma
Boston, Ma

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch

Alton Brown (Science at its best)
Giada DiLaurentiis (Everyday Italian…I could watch this woman all day, no, forever)
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (He is way too politically smart)

Four Places you’ve been On Vacation

Cape Cod
Bermuda (wish I was there right now)
Disneyworld, FL
Lake George, NY

Four Blogs You Visit Daily (had to do five, sorry)

Causticity’s Place

Graven Images

The Truth Hurts

Ramblings from the Desert

Interstellar Adventures

Four of your Favorite Foods

Fried Calamari
A really good grilled steak with a Sweet Potato. . .

Four Places You’d Rather Be

The Womb
Bartlett, NH (preferably on the summit of Mt. Washington)

Four Albums You Can’t Live Without

Aja- Steely Dan
Sweet Baby James – James Taylor
Invitation – Joe Sample
Kind of Blue – Miles Davis

Four Vehicles You’ve Owned

Chevrolet Corvair
Plymouth Duster
Nissan Pathfinder (a nightmare)
Dodge Dakota (another nightmare and soon to be traded)


Veggie Oil Cars

A good friend of mine is currently driving a car powered solely by vegetable oil.
Sounds crazy, but believe me, it's super economical and environmentally beneficial.
Although, the exhaust smells like fried dough. My daughters would love it.
There's much more info included in the link below. Check it out.
BTW- Colin tunes pianos as well. He's a great tuner. . .

Veggie Car



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A pic I found in MyYahoo of a cat from Istanbul, Turkey.
It was so unusual I had to post it.


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